Matrix Literacy Program Management Software

Is your Current Literacy Management software:

  • No longer supported
  • You realize that Spreadsheets are:
    • Labor-intensive for data entry
    • Almost impossible to do multi-year reporting
    • Difficult to manage versions
    • Offer no error checking
    • Aren't economical to use for more that about 20 students
  • Utilizes an excessively slow web-based interface
  • Difficult to use or understand
  • Incurring Significant monthly fees - Forever
  • Stores your data in some unknown remote location with unknown security policies
  • Exposes you to financial liability if someone hacks the vendors cloud servers
  • Displays little pieces of your data on many, many small hard-to-read screens

If you answered YES to any of these issues (or all of them), then let us help you.

Matrix Literacy Program Management Software

Our software is based on Microsoft® technology and designed for Literacy, Even Start, Head Start and other Non-Profit Organizations.

We can design a program to fit your time-frame and budget.

  • Reporting
    Reporting and data analysis require more skills than just counting rows in a spreadsheet. We know data and are here to help.
  • Training
    In-House, Group, or Web Training for Data Collection, Data Entry, Data Analysis, and more.
  • Web Conferences
    Cost-Effective meetings, training and support over the Internet for 2-200 people.
  • Workshops
    In-Depth Training for Support Providers, Administration, and Volunteers.
  • System/Project Administration
    Out-Source your Computer Technology and Project Management needs.


  • Performance Indicators
  • ABE, ESL level gains
  • Goal Attainment
  • Promotion/Attendance
  • Demographic Charts
  • Member Lists
  • Hours by type
  • Labels
  • Tutor Management
  • Donor Management
  • Child Assessments, Screenings

and Many, Many more...

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